Educational Videos

The Sixth Amendment's Right to Counsel

Richard Gates, Chief Trial Deputy

Learn about the Sixth Amendment with Chief Trial Deputy Richard Gates of the San Diego County Public Defender’s Office.

The Sixth Amendment: Key Provisions in Protecting Persons Accused of Crime

Mark Adams, Attorney

This presentation provides a basic overview of the Sixth Amendment and its importance in criminal trials.

The Sixth Amendment - Your Trial Rights

Alex Landon, Attorney

This presentation details the rights provided by the Sixth Amendment. These rights are central in guaranteeing a fair trial.

The Sixth Amendment & How to Become a Lawyer

Amy Johnsgard, Partner, Coastal Law Group

In this video by Organic Intelligence, Amy Johnsgard, a partner at Coast Law Group, joins two small dogs in a conversation about the Sixth Amendment. Amy also provides information on what it takes to be an attorney, with a nod to women in the field.