Educational Videos

Students' Fourth Amendment Rights on Campus

Anthony Mournian, Attorney

This video discusses students' Fourth Amendment rights on campus. It covers the search of one's person, vehicle, locker, cell phone and backpack.

An Overview of the Fourth Amendment

Rep. Scott Peters, U.S. Congressmember

Rep. Peters provides a brief overview of the Fourth Amendment from global, national and local perspectives.

Your Rights are Under Attack: A Discussion of the First and Fourth Amendments

John Eger, Emeritus Professor of Communication, San Diego State University

Professor Eger discusses how your First and Fourth Amendment rights are being threatened by mass surveillance, social media and big data.

Constitutional Rights that Apply to Non-Citizens

Cassandra Lopez, Administrative Supervisory Attorney, Federal Defenders of San Diego

This video discusses the constitutional rights that apply to non-citizens with a focus on the 4th and 5th Amendments and the rights of non-citizens in their homes, at school and at court.