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In response to the global pandemic in 2020, we reimagined our in-person Celebrate the Constitution! (CTC!) program as an entirely digital initiative! Through this transition and with our volunteer presenters’ participation, we’ve provided meaningful, educational content about the U.S. Constitution to the general public, teachers and thousands of students across the nation. Learn more about our CTC! program.

We welcome you to Create Your Video today!

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How to Create Your CTC! Video

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Download the Guiding Questions 

Guiding Questions

You may choose one of the suggested questions below to guide your presentation or we welcome you to choose another educational topic on the U.S. Constitution for your short presentation. We have assured teachers and school administrators that the presentations will be non-partisan, informative, accurate, historical and relevant to contemporary society. Thank you for helping to make it so!


  • What were the goals of the framers of the U.S. Constitution in creating this document?,

    • Were they successful? Why or why not? 

  • Why did people decide it was necessary to include a Bill of Rights?

  • In what ways does the Constitution represent the times in which it was written? 

    • What are its inconsistencies with present-day values such as equal justice and inclusion?



  • What provision(s) of the Constitution (see suggestions below) gives context or meaning to your understanding of our national identity, our past and present-day social challenges, and/or the future of our democratic republic? Why? 

    • All Men Are Created Equal

    • Checks and Balances

    • Decennial Census

    • Electoral College

    • Fugitive Slave Laws 

    • Government by the People 

    • Indigenous Nations

    • Necessary and Proper Clause 

    • Separation of Powers

    • Three-Fifths Compromise



  • Which constitutional amendment do you think is the most important and why?

    • What condition or concern does it address? How are we a stronger, fairer nation because of this amendment? 

  • How would you amend the Constitution to promote the general welfare, expand equity or otherwise create a more perfect Union? In what ways does the Constitution represent the times in which it was written? 

    • Would you add a new amendment? Amend an existing one? (For example, you could address climate change, lower the voting age, expand youth rights, eliminate the electoral college, etc.)

Download the

Video Best Practices Guide

Best Practices Guide for Recording Your Video


  • Write out or outline what you want to present. Practice it a few times.


  • Avoid backgrounds that may be distracting to your audience. Simple, clean backdrops are ideal.


  • Try to film in a location with a direct, natural light source. Avoid backlighting. The main source of light should be facing you, not behind you.

  • In artificial light, avoid standing directly below an overhead light because this can create harsh shadows. Consider using a lamp several feet away for a good indirect light source.


  • Choose a quiet location free from interruption and background noise.


  • Clean the lens of your camera to ensure there are no smudges.


  • Record horizontally. If you are using a smartphone, position it sideways in landscape mode.


  • Film at eye level. Shooting below eye level adds weight to your face and shooting above eye level diminishes you to your audience. Shooting at eye level shows you are accessible. Consider using books to raise your camera angle if necessary.


  • Framing yourself in the middle of the screen so there is not too much or too little space above your head.


  • Resist the urge to watch yourself while recording. Instead, look at the camera lens so your audience feels that you are speaking directly to them. Even if you must look down or aside to follow your script, remember to look at the camera frequently to stay engaged with your audience.


  • Speak naturally and clearly. Imagine you are speaking to a friend. Smile when you introduce yourself and as you’re wrapping up your presentation. You may also use your hands as doing so gives you a more energetic appearance.

11. TEST

  • Record a sample video to check your lighting, sound, background, camera angle and framing.