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Participant Consent

and Waiver

By submitting audio and/or video content to the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego & Imperial Counties (“ACLU”) for the 2020 Celebrate the Constitution! program, you consent to our use of your name, voice and likeness as part of program promotion.

Cheryl Alethia Phelps - ACLU-branded CD

You hereby grant the ACLU and other ACLU affiliates, their successors and assigns, and to such other persons as the ACLU may designate from time to time (“licensees”), the irrevocable and unconditional power, right, privilege and permission to make, produce, reproduce, exhibit, distribute, publish via any and all print media and transmit by any electronic means whatsoever (including websites) and/or copyright photographs, images, and recordings of or including you, your name, voice likeness, poses, actions and any combination of these. You also agree that your name and likeness may be used in any and all advertising, advocacy and promotional materials for the ACLU.


If, by reason of your statements and actions on the program or materials furnished by you, there is any claim or litigation involving any charge by third persons of violation or infringement of their rights, you agree to hold the ACLU harmless from liability, loss or expense arising from such claim or litigation.

You further agree that your appearance on or participation in our program confers on you no ownership rights whatsoever and that you are not receiving now, nor will you receive in the future, any compensation for your appearance or participation.: