Judge Barbara Major, talking about U.S..Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines, esablishing free speech rights for students. 



Help educate local middle and high school students about their constitutional rights and responsibilities.


In recent national surveys of civics proficiency, some disturbing trends are noted:

  • Only 25% of high school students scored at the proficient level, and a third failed to show even a basic understanding

  • California high school seniors recently averaged a "D-" on a standard civics exam

  • More students can name the (very dated) Three Stooges than can name the three branches of government!



To become an attorney presenter:

  • Free up an hour or so on Friday, September 15, 2017 (or any day, September 11-15 that works best with your schedule). - Constitution Day! NB: many teachers need speakers on days other than Friday the 16th, because of block schedules, need to cover all sections of a course, or other conflicts. If you're not free Friday, but are generally interested, sign up and indicate your time constraints.

  • Notify us of your interest. Let her know of any geographic or time constraints, and provide her with a daytime phone number, your email, and the name of your firm/organization. 

  • You are free to create your own presentation, but please keep in mind:

    • All presentations must be nonpartisan

    • All presentationsmust be interactive

    • You should consult with your assigned teacher to determine if there are any special topics or concerns you need to address in your presentation. 


Note on our specification of "Attorneys"

Our teachers are excited to have attorneys who have gone to law school, taken Constitutional Law, analyzed Supreme Court rulings, and, in many cases, presented arguments in court. In some instances, we include community leaders, former teachers, or others who have grappled with constitutional tensions. If you're not an attorney but would like to participate, please contact us