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About Celebrate the Constitution!

September 17 is “Constitution Day” – established in 2004 by the U.S. Congress to commemorate the signing of the Constitution in 1787 and to recognize the importance of our nation’s founding document.

By law, every school receiving federal funds is required to provide educational programming about the Constitution on the anniversary of its signing. The ACLU’s Celebrate the Constitution! program was developed in response to this requirement. 


Originally, the popular program matched volunteer speakers with host teachers and students in their classrooms. The COVID-19 crisis prompted a reimagination of Constitution Day program as an entirely digital initiative presented in collaboration with multiple ACLU organizations. 

Rather than visiting classrooms, volunteers create and submit nonpartisan, educational videos about the U.S. Constitution for students across the nation. Visit Create Your Video to learn how you can contribute to this initiative.

The expanded, online format allows us to offer meaningful digital content to teachers, students and the general public all year long!